Age: 2 Months – 11 Months

During this stage our little ones learn to trust and recognize faces outside of their immediate family. Our infant class teachers encourage social-emotional development though personal interaction and sensory awareness. Our main being to provide the type of nurturing that every infant needs to grow into a secure and confident individual. We aim for a positive growth experience by giving them the right care based on their unique developmental needs. Our teachers work arduously to create a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment to let infants explore their surroundings, read and understand social cues as they interact with fellow classmates.

All infant rooms are equipped with safe and age-appropriate (soft) toys. Our curriculum helps them achieve developmental milestones and equip them with the necessary tools they need to enter our toddler program. Although they cannot walk in this stage, the teachers take the infants to the park to continue fostering their innate desire to explore.