Rules & Regulations

School Policies & Regulations

  1. All students, except for kindergarten and up, must be at the center by 9:00am.

    1. Tardies must be excused with a doctor’s note (or other paper documenting reason for tardy)

  2. Uniforms are mandatory

    1. Polo shirt with our logo

    2. Navy shorts

    3. Polo dress with our logo

    4. Closed shoes (no shoelaces)

  3. To guarantee a student’s spot:

    1. Registration must be paid.

    2. Students must start within two weeks of paying the registration fee.

  4. The annual registration is non-refundable under any circumstances.

  5. Tuition must be paid by 5pm Tuesday of every week and it is non-refundable (no exceptions)

    1. Holidays, vacations, illnesses, or other extenuating circumstances do not exempt parents/guardians from paying the weekly tuition on time.

    2. Late payments are subject to a fee

  6. A student will be withdrawn (are subject to paying registration once again and being put on a waiting list) if:

    1. Lack of payment

    2. They are away from the center for two weeks or more without communicating with the office.

    3. The student is expelled.

  7. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school if the student is sick (proper paperwork must be submitted to excuse the absence).

    1. That is, the note must contain the dates the student was out and when they should return to school.

    2. Reason for absence must also be noted.

  8. It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their child’s immunization and physical education up to date.