Pre-K 3

Age: 3 Years

Our preschool program continues to build upon the foundations established in our toddler and twos program. During this stage, children begin to develop interests and our teachers are prepared to foster those interests with hands-on activities and active learning through The Creative Curriculum and a mixture of the Early Literacy Learning Model. Your preschooler spends their days between an oversized, airy indoor classroom and an incredible purpose-built outdoor classroom. They have a blast with guided activities, discovery time, and awesome lessons, all under the watch of loving, qualified teachers.

The literacy-focused curriculum builds children’s cognitive development through literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, motor experiences, and physical health. Our curriculum is designed to expand children’s vocabularies and reinforce their understanding words they recognize and use on a daily basis. The preschool program incorporates a print rich classroom environment through classroom libraries and writing centers.